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Heli forklift trucks offer a full range of counterbalance forklifts with lifting capacities ranging from 1,000Lbs to 10,000Lbs. The range consists of IC engined equipment powered by a choice of diesel or LP Gas and a range of electric machines. We believe the Heli forktruck wide view mast units to be one of the best engineered units in today's market place. Duplex, Triplex and Full Free lift configurations, with lift heights up to 6 metres, are available.



4-section full power partially synchronized telescoping boom of round hexagonal box construction with 4 sheaves at boom head. The synchronization system consists of 2 telescope cylinders, extension cables and retraction cables. Variable speed type with grooved drum driven by hydraulic axial piston motor through winch speed reducer. Power load Lowering and hoisting.



The MG530 is perfect for contractors wishing to increase their productivity, and give their operators the quality environment needed to get the job done. Tight turns, axle and tandem articulation - the MG530 handles all of these in its stride, reducing site preparation time and ensuring that jobs are completed faster. The MG530 has the power to spread the heaviest load, whether gravel for a new roadbed or clearing out a muddy ditch. The MG530's blade can handle them all - and then some. Power from the 6D22-T turbo-charged diesel engine and excellent traction combine to give you the staying power needed to rip or scarify the toughest surfaces. Of course, the MG530 is equipped with a full line-up of instruments and indicators that keep you abreast of equipment status.



The Dulevo Commando sweeper is a unique suction sweeping unit designed for municipal & outdoor applications where key buying criteria include productivity, access, manoeuvrability & capacity. The Commando is like no other compact suction sweeper on the world market. Suction sweeper Dulevo Commando's high level of sweeping efficiency is obtained thanks to an improved performance such as the sweeping speed, the large volume of waste hopper, an extremely powerful suction turbine and the suction unit that can move laterally 30 cm left and right.